Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Year and 7 months later...

I figured with it being a new year that it was time to bring this back to life a little bit.  
The last time I wrote I was still recovering from having a large kidney stone.  I thought that was the end of my troubles for a while but it wasn't.  In June of last year I went to the hospital because my blood sugar levels were creeping back up and also I was having a horrible headache..Now I get a headaches a lot so I didn't think to much of it at all..but after 3 days of nothing touching this headache I figured I might as well get it checked out to be on the safe side.  A week or so before this my Urologist had scheduled another CT because he thought I might still have a smaller stone or 2 so when I went to the hospital this time I told them about my headaches but also about the CT and so they did the scan right then.  An hour or so later the Dr came into the room and said they were flying me out of our small town hospital to a larger one it seemed that my Kidney that had the stone in it in March had died and was gangrene and was starting to leak a poison into my system so a few hours later they flew me to a hospital 3 hrs from where I live and 2 days later they removed the kidney so now I have just the one but thankfully no dialysis needed yet but I do have to be a lot more careful with my health in general.  I kept meaning to come back here but never took the time till now.  I have got quite a bit of stitching done lately with the healing of my surgery and just taking life a little bit easier and focusing on the crafts I really enjoy.  I have also gotten into diamond painting as well which relaxes my mind so much.  I would like to try and post at least monthly here so I will leave you now with a picture of where my HAED is now and a finish from last year..

My finish above is The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's Halloween Town.  It was such a fun one to do and I love most of their patterns.  I am hoping to get some finishes in 2018 as I got 0 done in 17 to many new starts lol.

Happy New Years Everyone!

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