Saturday, September 1, 2012

End of week 2

This is my progress at the end of week 2 for my first ever HAED and am still loving every stitch. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

HAED progress week 1

 First week progress on my new start and first time ever using Q snap's and am loving them.  I think with this project I am going to blog may help keep me motivated for a finish :D
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A finish, A new start and Life


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I know it has been a while but life has changed pretty drastically for me in the last few months. In very early april my mom got diagnosed with Liver and Pancreatic Cancer. She went through 2 rounds of Chemo but on August 5th she lost her battle, almost exactly 2 weeks later my grandmother passed on as well. It's been a very long and hard road lately but I did manage to finish my Ink Circles - Cirque Des Cercles after a few years of off and on stitching. This last Friday I started my first ever is the freebie..Fly, Butterfly and so far I am absolutely loving it. The last picture is of my kitty Misty giving me the evil eye after being caught on the bookshelf..I hope to start posting a bit more regularly here as things start to settle down.

Monday, March 26, 2012

WoW my first blog award

I won my first ever blog award from Rhonda from All this & a bag of chips. Thank you so much.

Liebster is a German word meaning favourite, dearest or beloved.
The Liebster Blog Award is awarded by bloggers to other new bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers, to help spread the word about their blogs and to help them gain wider recognition.
The Liebster award comes with four conditions that each recipient must satisfy when accepting:

1. Choose 5 up-and-coming blogs with less than 200 followers to award the Liebster to.
2. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
3. Post the award on your blog. List the bloggers you are giving the award to with links to their sites. Leave comments on their blog so they know about the award.
4. Share 5 random facts about yourself that people don't know about you.

I really wasn't sure who to choose for the 5 bloggers..and it seems like all the blogs I read are over 200 followers or have already won this award. So anyone that reads my blog that hasn't received this goes to you :D

My 5 random facts:

1. I am obsessed with crime drama shows like..CSI, NCIS and such...
2. I met my fiancee online almost 8 years ago in a game chat room..
3. I love accents from other countries
4. I have always wanted to visit the UK or Australia
5. I have never gone without having a pet of some kind.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Kitty and Stitching

 In the first pic Misty and my fiancee Frank are boxing..I have such a silly kitty sometimes with some of her antics.  I think she was mad at him cuz he went to pet her lol.  The second pic is just an update of what I have done in the past week or so on Elemental Cosmos and the last pic is Misty being curious at what I am doing.  She is perched ont he back of my computer chair which seems to be one of her favorite places to be.  I have to be really careful sometimes though when I get up or she will fall off the back lol.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIPocalypse #3

 I know that my WIPocalypse update is a little late this month but I really wanted to finish this section before I posted anything.  I am still enjoying this project so much had considered putting it aside and working on something else but just can't seem to put this one down lol.  I think that may be a good thing though as usually I am a serial started and never finisher lol.
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Small update

Not much to say but did finish a section on Elemental Cosmos and started the next and still really enjoying it.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Sunday morning I woke up around 4 am wide awake after having gone to bed at 2 so had decided to read and listen to music on my mp3 player. At about 6:30 I told my fiancee I was gonna go back to bed but on the way back to bed I checked on my cockatiel and noticed she just didn't seem right..thought maybe she had fallen and was in a daze as had happened a few times before so took her out of her cage and she didn't even have the strength to lift her head or move at all. Went and sat on the couch with her just holding her and petting her and around 7 am she passed away. Seems so quiet here now even with a cat. Never really realized just how much company she was. She was the type of bird that anytime me or my fiancee came in the room she would start pacing her cage and jabbering..miss her so much right now.

RIP my sweet Jeffy girl.



2002 - 2012
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Update

I finished this section late last night and had planned on taking a break and working on something else for a few days just to get away from all the dark blue and black but realized I am enjoying this project so much still that I might as well keep going and actually getting a nice happy dance this year.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WIPocalypse 2


This is my progress since January New Moon..I am still really enjoying stitching on Elemental Cosmos, I am thinking about switching projects for a little while after I finish this section. I want to start my fractal and see what that's like as I have never done a fractal yet or an Artecy design.
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

WIP Update

I finished the center of my Elemental Cosmos last night so thought I'd take a quick pic to post before I got busy with more of it today. It seems to be stitching up fairly fast right now am really enjoying it.


And..what blog is complete without a kitty who just woke up to a camera flash lol =)

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WIPocalypse Update #1

This design is Elemental Cosmos by Witches Stitches. I didn't really get much done so far. Had a few days where I just didn't feel like stitching. Had started this back last year I believe and was doing it on black but it had really started to hurt my eyes so decided to restart it on a mucgh lighter fabric so far am liking it.

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