Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August Update

Not a whole lot to share just a few pics really..First off my DH finished another page of his John Wayne

Then last year my kitty was given a bed from a friend that had to put his dog to sleep..she ignored it of course till the same friend got a new dog and we watched him for a day and he got in the bed so now of course the cat wants to use it too lol

Then she decided mom's lap is better than the bed so this is how we end up most nights then of course right after the pic was taken she bit me and ran,,she can be such a lap and bed kitty at times but when she has had enough she bites and runs more often than not she bites my feet which are bad to begin with from the diabetes.

Since my last blog post I started and finished the first part of The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery..A Very Merry Christmas Town

I will try and post a little more often but sometimes my health just isnt good enough for me to do anything but lay on the couch..I also got an exercise bike to try and get in better shape and that is when I really realized just how bad of shape I am in physically but I think if I slowly work at it I will get healthier in time..

Until next time...


Heather said...

She may be a stinker but she is cute :). I love the little toy shop

Bea said...

I think all cats are brats at heart - I know mine can be.

The toy shop is really cute. And your DH is doing a great job with John Wayne.