Friday, August 5, 2011

More Progress

This first picture is where I currently am on this project.


This second picture is to mostly show the newest update to this SAL. The border of the little squares is done with Delica beads. I really started to enjoy the beading when I realized I could use a thinner embroidery needle instead of the beading needle I started with which kept poking me and breaking the wire threader lol.

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SoCal Debbie said...

Looks very nice!

Gabi said...

Your sampler is looking gorgeous. Love the blue.

Lana said...


mdgtjulie said...

It's very pretty Kristy. I love the colors!!!

Joysze said...

Hi Kristy! Thanks for stopping by on my blog. :) It's always to nice to meet a fellow stitching blogger. :D

I love the blues on this piece and am looking forward to seeing more of it. :)

Ooooh, I also love your EMS's flower SAL. I was looking at that just the other day and thinking about stitching them for my mom.... :)