Sunday, April 19, 2009

I started this project the same night that I finished BoINK. It is the Patchwork Sampler SAL from Catia Dias at Catia Crafts. I am really enjoying stitching this other than the part that I already had to rip out and put back in because I was off by 1 square. Why does it seem like it takes 5 minutes to rip something out but another 30 minutes to put it back in lol.

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Jackie in CT said...


Your spanish sampler sal is looking wonderful. I'm "working" on this one also...started last summer and was working on it as well as BoInk. Fell in love with Tracy's designs with BoInk and so started Blackstone Fantasy Garden just after Christmas so now Catia's wonderful design sits in my WIP pile.

Keep up the beautiful work...and hopefully the frogs will stay away too!!

Mel said...

It does always seem more painful when you are restitching doesn't it?
Hopefully the frogs stay away for the rest of this piece.

CindyMae said...

Great start!!! I am looking forward to seeing more of this one!